Anna started her journey when she had a severe acne a few years ago. After trying endless products, Anna started to ask questions what can heal her skin, that’s where she decided to come up with her own products, not only will this heal the skin but will have a luxury touch.



Fairy Dust Gel Serum & Magic Beauty Blend Oil 30ML

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2 reviews for Fairy Dust Gel Serum & Magic Beauty Blend Oil 30ML

  1. Maliha J Khan

    this is life for my skin… mY makeup goes on smother and last alL day!!!

  2. Rania karpodini

    I looove them!! The gel serum is so moisturizing and the oil serum is simply amazing!!! It’s all you need for an amazing face prep before foundation!
    I have an oiLy skin combo but still the oil worked wonders with my foundatiOn. I set it with my translu pow and im good to go

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